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by M&O



In an era dominated by manufactured noise, M&O aka Milo & Otis have carved out a musical haven for listeners seeking an authentic respite. The Washington Post described their debut album as “mold shattering” in a review, while their fan base continues to swell past the span of their Chicago roots. Jamila Woods (“Milo”—vocals, loop pedal, poetry) and Owen Hill (“Otis” — bass guitar, imagination, production) are the two behind this earthy sound, which harks back to the heyday of R&B with a blend of what can only be labeled “Adventure Soul.” Adventure Soul is a road trip for your mind, a whizzing subway car for your heart, and sometimes even a party limo for your tuckus.

Pinch yourself, ladies and gents. M&O are the real thing.

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released 21 May 2012



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